Friday, January 27, 2012

Announcing Our Newest Affiliate: Play Nintendo!

SuperPhillip Central continues its mission to grow a healthy, thriving community of blogs with a new affiliate to join its ranks, Play Nintendo. It is a site that is similar to another Nintendo blog *cough* GoNintendo *cough* (one run by a lumberjack wannabe) but without the tripe, sensational headlines, and fanboy arguments. If you like the latest Nintendo news, reviews, and articles, then Play Nintendo is the obvious choice for you. It's been running for at least a year now, and more amazingly it is all run by one man, Parko, who is a reader of SPC. Feel free to click on the following link and subscribe to his excellent work.


Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

I'm talking about GoNintendo's RMC. Why would I insult a fellow affiliate?

Matt Sainsbury said...

I have to thank you, Phillip. I've discovered so many good websites and blogs from your affiliate list.

Keep up the great work. Off to check this one out now :)

Anonymous said...

@SuperPhillip: I don't know. I really feel how childish I was when I said that. I'm deleting it

Meanwhile, GoNintendo is, of course, littered with fanboy-ism. I feel like making a new tagline for Nintendo Nation. "Nintendo News without the fanboyism". Catchy, eh?

Unknown said...

Oh, you're fine! But I would never make fun of an affiliate. I just wouldn't do that. It's not nice, I like everyone I am partnered with, and I wouldn't want to have people not not go to another's site because of my words (unless it's GoNintendo, of course! hehe).

Don't worry about it, Strikester, and keep up the good work on Nintendo-Nation!

Parko said...

Thanks for the shoutout! I greatly appreciate it and look forward to the affiliation. Funny thing about the above story is that GoNintendo was my inspiration to start blogging.

I was an avid reader of RMC's blog for about 5 years and can't stand how the quality has declined. Pretty much everything Nintendo touches turns to gold over there (which isn't true) and the fanboyism is rampant. From the obvious troll-like headlines to the crazy amount of leeched content and rumors being presented as absolute truth, I just couldn't take it anymore.

I stopped going there because of this kind of bs and wanted to offer Nintendo fans an alternative. Somewhere to find the best news (and some decent reviews) without all the crap I listed above. Sorry to rant in your comments, but I share the sentiment.

Thank you once again for the shoutout and I'll be by just about all the time to check out your latest content.