Thursday, March 8, 2012

Come Add Mii!

If your stable of Mii characters and lookalikes is on the empty side, why not add the generic form of SuperPhillip to your arsenal? Just follow these steps to have my Mii magically transported to your 3DS:
  1. Open Mii Maker in the 3DS main menu.
  2. Go to QR Code/Image Options.
  3. Go to Scan QR Code.
  4. Align the following QR code so that it lies within the top screen's frame.
  5. Voila!

While your 3DS is on, why not add my friend code? Just let me know if you add me so I can return the favor.

Phil: 1805-2338-1133


Reggie White Jr. said...

I just got my 3DS and my Mii stable has been on the empty side so I went ahead and added you. I also added you to my friend list. Here's my friend code. Reg: 4597-0305-6403

Parko said...

Added you to my friends list, here's my code as well: 0044-3283-9754

Unknown said...

I have added you both. Thanks!

Reggie, be sure to download Swapnote (it's free) if you haven't already. I like to send out messages via it.

Adam said...

Here is my FC Phil
4811 6968 4167

Also here is my Mii and a Herman Cain Mii I made for fun lol

Unknown said...

Hey, Adam. I added you back.