Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fable Heroes (XBLA) First Screens

The first screenshots of the Xbox Live Arcade's Fable Heroes have surfaced. They show a Mario Party-like title with a plentiful amount of mini-games and doll avatars (as seen in past Fable games on shelves in homes). Microsoft has been gearing towards a more casual audience for a year or so now. Nothing wrong with that, but if there is one thing that this game shows it is that Microsoft doesn't need you, the hardcore gamer, anymore. Sorry. They were quick to bury the evidence of knowing you, weren't they?

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Matt Sainsbury said...

Hah, this looks really awesome to me. First Xbox game I have been really, really keen to play (that's exclusive).

Also, for the hardcores, there is Crimson Dragon. It's going to be hard giving core gamers games with Kinect, as the controller-free style doesn't gel that well with the market. Given how successful Kinect has been, though, Microsoft would be crazy not to throw everything behind it.