Wednesday, March 7, 2012

SimCity 5 (PC) First Trailer

As you, the avid reader of SPC, know I do not generally cover PC gaming. When I review a game that is multiplatform and also on PC, I purposefully do not mention PC. Some games are just too important and entertaining to not mention, even if I will never have the competent hardware to play them. SimCity 5, announced at GDC, is one of those games. EA and developer Maxis unveiled the premiere trailer for the city-building title due out on a currently ambiguous date next year. And while there is no gameplay footage in this trailer, it does whet the appetite of fans like myself wanting some SimCity action.

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Matt Sainsbury said...

I'm going to get a gaming PC for this game. I'm going to set it up via HDMI on my TV so I can have this playing in nice widescreen.

I Can. Not. Wait.