Friday, April 6, 2012

Two Quick Things...

Good Friday, everyone. Hope you have a wonderful day. Now with that out of the way, I want to focus your attention on this month's poll. The last choice states, Used games = no buy. Hopefully through context clues, most of you can discern that this is supposed to read No used games = no buy. If not, then there you are. So vote accordingly. I obviously cannot change the poll once a vote has been placed. This is for the reason that I don't change a popular option to "SuperPhillip is the best and I am a loser" just because it has the most votes.

Secondly and this is more humorous than anything, one of the top traffic sources this week comes from a site called Americans Who Hate Obama. Considering I long wrote (think 2008) a satirical article comparing Obama's success with the Wii's success and laughing at all the haters of both, I find it funny that there are people from that site being referred here to our humble blog. Keep your thoughts about how America's president (my man) is a socialist, foreign-born Muslim to yourself. Thanks!

As for everyone else, we will have a new review up on SuperPhillip Central today, so look forward to that. I'm currently playing through the game. I don't tend to rush reviews, I don't get review copies (though I'm open to free games as that would be cool~), so no worries about the quality. It will suck as usual. No, no, I'm kidding. I'm proud of my work here on SPC. Not so much in 2008, though. We'll see you here in a half day or so. Take care!


Chalgyr said...

Whatever drives the traffic, right? I'm really hoping for a spike in mine with all of the recent articles I've been posting, capping off my ME 3 one, so take it where you can get it. But it is amusing to see something from that long go get the cobwebs shaken off and serve as a source of traffic.

On the poll? I voted neutrally - it just depends. I really dislike this proposed lockdown. I dislike it a LOT. I used to be someone who purchased mostly used games. I still think the arguments most people come up with for this is patently wrong on principle. A lot of people still purchased used books, used movies, used CDs, used clothing and cars.

But that said, I'm at a point now where I do buy as many (if not more) new games than used. But I think if this happens, there needs to be compelling cases made to the consumer as well. True, the PC model for years has been anti-used, but their games are cheaper, you don't pay for online connectivity like on Xbox Live (except MMO's which tend to come with a different set of expectations) and more.

I'm curious to see what benefits are out there to countermeasure the potential downsides. I think the console makers are going to have to be careful or they could wind up damaging the game market a great deal next generation.

Good post!

Parko said...

I've also been getting a lot of traffic from americanshateobama... Seems like a spam attack