Sunday, April 1, 2012

Central City Census - April

The end of one month means the beginning of another and the opportunity to gaze upon the results of the Central City Census. What did my readers have to say about March's poll?

How important to you is backwards compatibility in the next gen consoles?

Very. I won't buy one without it.
  19 (35%)
Somewhat. It's good to have.
  26 (48%)
Not very. I can live without it.
  4 (7%)
Not at all. I don't care about BC.
  5 (9%)

Votes so far: 54 

The majority of voters feel that backwards compatibility is either a must-have feature or somewhat important. Only nine voters don't really care if this feature is reintroduced into the next generation of consoles. Let's see what April's Census has in store. No fooling around.

There have been rumors (and only rumors) that Sony and Microsoft's next consoles might not allow the ability for players to play used games on them. Would this affect your purchase of their next gen consoles or not? Voting ends at the conclusion of this month.

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