Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Central City Census - May

April showers bring a new Central City Census for my readers and passersby to vote on. Let's not jump the gun, however. We still have the results of April's poll to gaze upon, so let's do that now.

If a next gen console blocked used games, would you still buy it?

Absolutely. In fact, I'd be happy for it.
  5 (8%)
Yeah, I'd probably still purchase it.
  6 (10%)
It really depends.
  25 (42%)
No, definitely not. [No] Used games = no buy.
  23 (38%)

Votes so far: 59

It seems only a select handful of people either are pro-anti-used games (see what I did there?) or would still buy a next gen console even without the ability to play used games on it. I personally find the act of blocking used games to be deplorable. I'm not made of money, and selling and/or trading used games is how I get new games, publishers. It seems a good chunk of those who voted share some of the same sentiments. Thank you for voting. It is always appreciated. Now, what is the CCC for May?

The Wii U is Nintendo's next console for the next generation. There are qualms and rumors regarding its power (or lack thereof). Despite this, many are looking forward to playing their favorite Nintendo franchises in full high definition. That's fine for Nintendo, but what about third parties? Do you think the third party support of the Wii U will be better than Wii? That is the cusp of what May's Central City Census wants to know.

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