Monday, May 14, 2012

Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance (3DS) First English Trailer

For its upcoming newest installment of the Kingdom Hearts franchise Square Enix has released this very first English trailer (running over nine minutes long) of pure Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance (3D, har-har) footage, starting with various story scenarios followed by some gameplay. The game currently has a July 31st release date for North American territories.


Matt Sainsbury said...

Are you looking forward to this one Phillip? Don't often hear you talking about this series, so I don't know your feelings on it :)

Unknown said...

Hey, Matt. Yes, I am interested in the game, though I will wait for the confirmed demo to make a purchasing decision as Birth by Sleep burned me.

The beauty of this blog is that I only post about games and things that interest me. There's already other sites for general news.

Matt Sainsbury said...

The last game in this series that I played was one of the DS ones (365/2 days or whatever it was called) it was unplayable for me because of that D-Pad.

The circle pad alone is enough to convince me to give this one a chance. Fingers crossed, because Square Enix + Disney *should* work more often than it does in reality.