Friday, May 18, 2012

SuperPhillip's May 2012 Handheld Collection

Some call it bragging, others call it bragging. I call it sharing my games collection received and purchased through thousands of hours of hard labor. That is exactly what you see with my Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, and Game Boy Advance collections. In total, there are over 200 games in these five pictures. What does your collection of games look like? You can show pictures, write a quick list, or keep it to yourself.

Note: Right click and Open in new tab or new window to get a grander glimpse of each picture.


coffeewithgames said...

Hmmm, handheld gaming list is short...let's go off my memory:
1) Dementium II
2) Mario Kart DS
3) The Nintendo cooking game, can't think of it...but it's an actual interactive cookbook, not really a "game"
4) New Super Mario Bros. DS

I think that's it...oh,

5) Brain Age (I think it's still around here somewhere)

BTW, speaking of "show pictures", have you thought about changing over to Disqus or another comment system that allows pictures to be embedded?
That's probably the biggest reason I like Disqus right now, because of the picture embedding option.

Unknown said...

Hi, Mr. Coffee. How does one go about switching over? Would it keep all of the comments currently on SPC?

coffeewithgames said...

Yea, there is a way to "import" or download all the current comments into Disqus, and then have your Disqus system actually mirrored on Blogger so if you ever switch back to just Blogger, the comments will still all be there.

The first place to start is by just setting up a free Disqus account, there's also other comment systems out there though...I'm just familiar with Disqus.

You can see from my original post back in 2009, that the comments just updated into Disqus' format...the only thing Disqus doesn't have that I miss, is the EXACT time stamp of the comments. Meaning, once they get past I think 24 hours, it just goes to the "1 day ago", "2 days ago", etc., that may have changed though, and I may have missed the setting.

P.S. Haha, I was already typing this response, when you commented on the other post!