Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Central City Census - August 2012

The heat of July has transferred over to August as Central City is in the middle of yet another relentless heat wave. Regardless, I am staying cool inside, writing up my thoughts on the Central City Census results for the month of July 2012.

The question asked was - well, you can see, can't you? I guess I don't need to restate it. In any event, I'm actually surprised by the Nintendo console that won. I was definitely not expecting the Wii to win given all of the negativity surrounding it, the arguments that it has no games, and comments that it is the worst mainstream console in gaming history (you know my thoughts on what actually is). I had thought the Super Nintendo would easily pull out a victory, but thankfully I didn't bet money on this poll. My lone shark beat me up last month because of a poor bet regarding June's census. The GameCube earned third place, followed by the Nintendo 64, and finally the NES scored a respectable ten votes.

But that wasn't the only poll being conducted. A three month long special poll (one that required visitors to scroll down a little) was online as well. Here were the results of that one.

What is your favorite part about SuperPhillip Central?

The articles (i.e. Most Overlooked games)
  24 (40%)
The editorials
  16 (27%)
The reviews
  21 (35%)
The recurring segments like Rank Up!
  17 (28%)
The top ten/top five lists
  25 (42%)
The screens/videos
  8 (13%)

Now, with these results, this does not mean I am going to start spamming this site top ten/top five lists on a daily basis, but it does help me understand better what regulars of the site like seeing the most on SuperPhillip Central. I'm happy to see that articles and reviews were close behind as that is what I spend a good portion of time on. Sort of glad to see screens and videos in last place as they obviously take the least amount of effort to post. Those being the sole unoriginal content on this site.

Thanks to everyone who voted on both or either poll. Now what is in store for the steamy and sultry month of August? Let's find out.

Video games can be purchased virtually anywhere -- big box retailers, toy stores, game retailers, online, etc. August's Central City Census asks where do you purchase games from the most? The census closes at the start of September.

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