Monday, October 29, 2012

SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs - Second Story Edition

Quite possibly my favorite soundtrack that Motoi Sakuraba worked on, Star Ocean: The Second Story (known as Star Ocean: Second Evolution on the PlayStation Portable port) possesses a significant amount of memorable and marvelous tunes. I don't think five tracks will do the soundtrack justice, but alas, that is what we are limited to this week. From Arlia's Sacred Forest to the kingdom of Krosse, the music has as much variety as Sakuraba's works themselves. Sit back, unwind, and open your ears for some wondrous sounds.

v226. Star Ocean: The Second Story (PS1) - The Venerable Forest

Enter the forest behind Arlia, the first village of the game and heroine Rena's hometown. It is the place where Claude crash-lands and finds himself on the planet of Expel. This theme has a lovely warm feeling to it. The melody should be familiar to those of you who frequent my favorite VGMs. It is the Theme of RENA, the 69th VGM listed.

v227. Star Ocean: The Second Story (PS1) - Rescue Operation

The Salva Mine is the home to this uptempo theme. It is the first main dungeon of Star Ocean: The Second Story. Rena has been abducted and it is up to Claude to rescue her. Hence the title of this theme, Rescue Operation. The song is incredibly tense, fitting for the hallowed halls that Claude must traverse to rescue his new friend.

v228. Star Ocean: The Second Story (PS1) - Shower of Blossoms

This is the theme of the kingdom of Krosse, a much larger and expansive city than what Claude and Rena previously have ventured into. It is a very early city in the game; players arrive in it shortly after completing the events in Salva. The theme is quite majestic, fitting for a city overlooked by royalty. Bonus: The characters shown above? This cast consists of my go-to party in the game.

v229. Star Ocean: The Second Story (PS1) - Walk Over

Speaking of majestic themes, we have Walk Over, a theme for several towns within Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution. The trumpet synth call forth a stupendous sound and melody. You cannot help but sway to and fro as you purchase goods from shops and converse with the locals.

v230. Star Ocean: The Second Story (PS1) - Let's Walk in a Parade

We're entering a new disc (at least for the PS1 original version) and a new planet with this theme from Star Ocean 2, Let's Walk in a Parade. In fact, between Walk Over and this theme, we've skipped a significant chunk of the game. This peppy, jaunty, and electronic theme plays during the amusement destination known as Fun City, where Claude, Rena, and friends can participate in bunny races, cooking competitions, and the fabled arena.


We're not done dipping our toes into the Star Ocean. No, no. Next week we will be visiting the third installment of the series, Till the End of Time. Hopefully these VGMs will also last till the end of time. Har-har. Until then, why not check out my VGM Database for all past selected songs of mine? My wish for those who have never heard the music of some of the games I list is to find some songs that they find enjoyable and pleasing to their ears.

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