Friday, February 1, 2013

Central City Census - February 2013

It's February, and that means one of two things: Valentine's Day and a certain birthday of a certain person who is a part of a certain site that has a certain word "central" in it. Oh, it also means it's time for a new Central City Census, so that's three things! Before we get to that, however, let's review the results of January's poll:

What gaming platform was home to your favorite game of 2012?

Oh, boy, it was a close one this month with the PlayStation 3 just barely beating out both the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U. Meanwhile the Xbox 360 had more votes than the Wii (I voted for the latter because of Xenoblade Chronicles, SPC's Game of the Year 2012). I wonder what games you guys and gals had as your favorites... Were they multiplatform, or were they indeed exclusive to the platform you voted for? I'll never know because I don't know the people who voted. Aw, shucks. Well, let's get to this month's poll!

The rumors of the next generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft have set the Internet abuzz. Some have grown weary of tech talk, shader talk, and so forth, while others can't get enough of it. Regardless, concerning the other two next gen platforms, which do you think will launch first? This is a simple poll this month with only two answers as to not overheat your minds from thinking too much. Poll will close at the end of February 28.

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