Tuesday, February 26, 2013

SPC's Favorite VGMs - Birthday Week Edition

This week holds a very special day. Wednesday is my birthday, and to celebrate we have five brand-new VGMs to share with you. On today's edition of SPC's Favorite VGMs, there is music from the original Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, and Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.

v321. The Legend of Zelda (NES) - Underworld

A haunting little ditty, The Legend of Zelda's Underworld plays in the game's numerous dungeons. It is a short tune that loops frequently. I recently went back to play the original Zelda, and I had my behind handed to me. It's an old school challenging game for sure.

v322. Final Fantasy IV (Multi) - Long Distance

Long Distance is a vocal and orchestrated arrangement of Final Fantasy IV's main theme. The song comes from the Love Will Grow vocal album, one that I cannot recommend enough. It features sensational renditions of Nobuo Uematsu's works, from Relm's Theme from Final Fantasy VI to a jazzy version of the Prelude theme.

v323. Final  Fantasy Tactics Advance (GBA) - Walking in Ivalice

Walking in Ivalice is a battle theme from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, a release that sent the Final Fantasy Tactics series into a much more whimsical setting than its PlayStation war-torn one. The music, too, is quite whimsical and fitting for the fairy tale world the game takes place in.

v324. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (PS2) - Yell Dead Cell

A theme that plays during various boss encounters in Metal Gear Solid 2, Yell Dead Cell's main melody is played on strings with an electronic backing. Hearing this theme provides memories of taking down Fatman and other bosses as Raiden in the game.

v325. Shadow the Hedgehog (PS2, GCN, XBX) - Lethal Highway

The Lethal Highway has Shadow the Hedgehog taking on an alien menace while cruising down dilapidated roads aboard a motorcycle. Yes, that is as stupid as it sounds, as was the entire premise of Shadow the Hedgehog. That said, somehow, someway I managed to beat the game 100%. Don't ask me how I did it. I think I repressed those memories.

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