Monday, July 22, 2013

Animal Crossing Journal - Cafe de Central Edition

Phil is back with a Monday edition of the Animal Crossing Journal. On today's edition we take a look at Central's new cafe. After donating a good share of fossils, fish, insects and art, Blathers finally requested a cafe for his old friend Brewster to be built. The citizens of Central pulled together and chipped in to build the town's newest watering hole.

A free round-- on me!
The mayor gets the ceremonial first sip.
Well what's stopping you?

Izo's birthday was this month.
For Izo? How sweet...
Some friends Izo has!
Ah... Izo's birthday wish.
Oh? How cordial!
Introducing the new Katie!

A happy song (?) to celebrate finishing off my debt!
A beautiful day after a rain storm...
I think Gigi understands loud and clear.

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