Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Central City Census - January 2014

Happy New Year everybody! We hope everyone is doing well and is pumped for 2014. SuperPhillip Central is gearing up for more reviews, more editorials, more fun lists, and more content than ever before!

Before that happens, however, let's see what you guys voted on for last month's Central City Census.

We're pretty serious about changing our review scale and how it works, so everyone's feedback was much appreciated. Regardless, the winning option this time around was to keep the scoring system the same. However, going to a 0.5 scale and a letter scale were very close behind. We'll be thinking very hard on this in the coming weeks, but if you have any thoughts on this, please leave us a comment or drop our editor-in-chief Phil an email.

Here's what the first month of the new year's census has to ask.

The Wii U is without a doubt struggling to find an audience. This month's question is rather simple-- do you think Nintendo can turn around the Wii U, or is it pretty much doomed at this point?

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