Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fan-Made Mario Games You Should Have Played

The following is a post written by a friend.

If you enjoy exploring new worlds with Mario, you'll love the wide selection of Mario Games at You can ground-pound your way through familiar and new enemies in all sorts of Mario World challenges. The adventures feature Mario's favorite pals, including Luigi, Yoshi, and Princess Peach. Put your retro gaming skills to the test, and try to conquer the infamous Bowser! Every Mario game features exciting side-scrolling or 3D action with addictive Nintendo gameplay.

Have you ever wanted to face Goombas and Piranha Plants in never-before-seen levels? Super Mario Star Scramble 2 features an entirely new platform world. Stuck on a colorful island, you must collect coins and special stars before time expires. This 8-bit Mario game pits you against flying Goombas, dangerous Koopa Troopas, and other foes. You can jump onto bricks and search for cloud platforms to reach new heights. Each level features a hidden coin, which you can collect for bonus points. Bounce on trampolines, bash Mystery Blocks, and guide Mario through tricky platforms to win!

Brave fighters will enjoy the fist-to-fist battles in Mario Combat. This unique fighting game sends Mario into the bowels of Bowser's lair. You will face grave dangers in every section within the antagonist's home. One punch can send you flying to your doom in fiery lava! To avoid an untimely death, Mario must punch through every evil Koopa Troopa. Throw fists quickly to perform combos and knock out the tiny minions. The intense battle will escalate as you wall-jump and fight on moving platforms. When you reach the final stage, Bowser will be ready for the ultimate duel. Dodge his flaming blasts, and deliver a deadly uppercut to defeat Mario's mortal enemy!

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