Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Central City Census - April 2014

We hope you enjoyed our two April Fools' posts on Tuesday. From really bad VGMs we tried to pass off as great, to a made-up Review Round-Up, linking to some ridiculous videos, we really had fun coming up with this year's jokes. Let's take a look at the Central City Census results from last month, shall we?

We asked you how many Xbox 360 systems you went through last generation. It's an issue that continues to really stick in our collective craw, as Microsoft shamelessly built a time bomb of a system with little regard for consumers.

Anyway, the winning percentage of voters this poll actually never owned an Xbox 360. Unfortunately, the next highest group of voters went through four or more systems! No! No! No! That's not how you teach a company not to poop all over you! That's sort of enabling them and saying, "It's okay you were completely negligent-- here's more of my money!" Let's see what this month's census asks.

The eighth generation technically began with the release of the Nintendo 3DS. Console-wise the Wii U initiated the generation. Soon, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One followed, with the PlayStation Vita releasing a little after the 3DS. This Central City Census for April 2014 is wondering about your current gen game collections. Which eighth generation platform do you own the most games for (retail and digital)?

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