Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Review Round-Up - March 2014

Sales don't lie.
Battlefield 4 is great.
March was an astounding month for reviews here at SuperPhillip Central. We may have only touched upon seven games in these past 31 days, but the ones we did get to talk about are rather special and rather large titles! We started the month off with the conclusion of Final Fantasy Lightning's trilogy with Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, which we gave a 7.0. We then turned our attention to Kojima Productions's latest with Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Heroes. Some may call it a glorified demo, but we stand by our 8.0 score. A game that positively surprised us was Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut, specifically the Wii U version. That game nabbed an impressive 9.0. 

Next up was Dark Souls II, which as our review stated, "a frustrating game of artificial difficulty under the guise of a "mature" game." The game received a disappointing 2.0, which also had the game-breaking glitches to note. Following that was a game that was quite the opposite-- glitch-free-- Battlefield 4. Don't listen to the whiny gamers that plague our industry; the press got this one right, and we agreed with the quality of the game being terrific. We scored the game an 8.5. After all, we've yet to be unable to find a match or get kicked out of a match. We've never played this game either.

From there we reviewed Serran Kagura Blast, a game that we called "a fantasy for otaku nerds who can't get real breasts to look at, so this is the next "best" thing." Suffice to say, we didn't care for the game, "awarding" it with a super low 1.0. Finally, we were on our way to review Capcom's Mega Man Legends 2, but we cancelled the review a somewhat far along in the process of writing. We blame the fans for this. So as you can see, SuperPhillip Central kicked some serious butt this past month.

Dark Souls II is great if you
are a glutton for its punishment.

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