Monday, January 12, 2015

SuperPhillip Central's Favorite VGMs - Ocean of Stars Edition

It's going to be a fun week at SuperPhillip Central. I have in store the 550th review for the site, which I'll be posting later in the week. First, however, I have five new video game themes all a part of SuperPhillip Central's Favorite VGMs. Next week we'll hit a new milestone with the 800th VGM, but let's not get ahead ourselves. There's good music this week to listen to first. There's themes from Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Mega Man Zero 2, and Fantasy Life. Enough talk! Have at these VGMs!

v791. Star Ocean: The Last Hope (PS3, 360) - Don't Be A Hero

Motoi Sakuraba is no stranger to composing battle themes, and he very rarely misses the mark. Don't Be A Hero from Star Ocean: The Last Hope is yet another astonishing theme in quality and sets the pace for a fast and frenetic battle ahead of our heroes. While the overall game wasn't of the highest caliber, the soundtrack that accompanied it certainly was.

v792. Mega Man Zero 2 (GBA) - Departure (Mythos Version)

A song that's perfect for getting into the zone, Departure is the theme of the very first stage in Mega Man Zero 2. However, this remixed version comes from an official arranged album. It enters the fray with excellent guitar and stunning synth. If you're ready, Zero, let's go!

v793. Fantasy Life (3DS) - Cheerful Tavern

I must admit that I stayed inside Castele's tavern much more than I intended, and it's all thanks to this tune. Nobuo Uematsu may be aging, as we all do, but his composition skills surely aren't getting rusty as his Fantasy Life score shows. Expect a review of this game very soon. It might just be SuperPhillip Central's 550th review!

v794. LEGO City Undercover (Wii U) - Rooftop Chase

If you own a Wii U and like open world games, do yourself a favor and pick up LEGO City Undercover. The combat is basic and some initial load times go for a while, but the meat of the game and the city available to explore are phenomenal. I easily got over 50 hours with this gem, and I consider it to be the very best the LEGO game series has to offer. All I want now is a capable sequel, so greenlight it, Nintendo!

v795. Mario Sports Mix (Wii) - Daisy Garden

Mario Hoops 3-on-3 was a Nintendo DS game with a lot wrong with it. Developer Square Enix took the lessons learned from that game and opted to create a better game out of it with the addition of three other sports in Mario Sports Mix. Masayoshi Soken returned to compose the music, and what we're left with is candy for the ears.

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