Friday, January 16, 2015

Would You Like To Be A "Friend of SuperPhillip Central"?

I don't know when I did this, but I absentmindedly removed the list of links to SuperPhillip Central's affiliates. I do occasionally clean the sidebar to make it less cluttered, so I must have gotten rid of it. Perhaps it was for the best, as most of the sites on that affiliate list eventually became inactive.

Regardless, this post is to send out a call to all gaming-related sites of a certain stature to become a "Friend of SuperPhillip Central." This essentially boils down to an affiliation, but it also allows me to read what fellow bloggers are writing about.

If you'd like to join SuperPhillip Central's affiliate list, "Friends of SuperPhillip Central", please send me an email at phil[at]superphillipcentral[dot]com.

Stay tuned for later tonight where I'll be posting SuperPhillip Central's 550th review!

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