Saturday, April 16, 2016

On behalf of SuperPhillip Central, I am now on Patreon.

As alluded to earlier tonight in the introduction to my Bomberman (PSP) retro review, I have an interesting announcement for this evening. After some poking and prodding by others on the Internet, I've decided to join Patreon.

What does this mean for you, the reader? Well, really, nothing will change in that I will continue to provide content as much as I can each week. The interesting thing is now you can make a monthly contribution to my work on SuperPhillip Central by being one of my Patrons.

For details on what my Patreon account entails, its goals, and possible rewards, look no further than clicking on this link.

If you don't wish to click that link, then let me post why I'm now on Patreon right here.

Since June 5, 2008, I have been writing and supporting my video game blog, SuperPhillip Central. Since founding SuperPhillip Central, I have written over 3,000 unique blog posts, 650 unique reviews, and hundreds of articles and editorials. My site is about 20,000 unique views away from 2 million, which is very exciting to me. I help support independent video game developers by covering their games with reviews, as well as through interviews. I try to create at least five unique blog posts per week, whether they be reviews, articles, editorials, interviews, lists, or sharing trailers that interest me from YouTube related to games releasing in the future. 
With my Patrons' support, I wish to purchase a PlayStation 4 so I can cover more of the current generation of game consoles, thus adding even more worth to SuperPhillip Central, thus creating more interest in my site. 
If you have suggestions to what you'd like to see on SuperPhillip Central or better suggestions on how the Patron money should be spent, please let me know. Your thoughts and continued readership make doing SuperPhillip Central worthwhile when I'm feeling down. 
And my current goal, which I think is realistic enough:
I wish to continue covering games for SuperPhillip Central, but I currently have college I am paying for. Thus, extraneous purchases for a sizable amount of money at once aren't very possible for me right now.  
I suffer from bipolar disorder (I started school in 2004, and my mental illness has gotten in the way of college throughout my collegiate career-- I'm finally set to graduate this year, so YAY!), so I'm unable to hold a job to earn money. Additionally, I don't place ads on my site for revenue other than sponsored posts because I don't want to annoy readers like I would get annoyed if ads were plastered over a site I enjoyed visiting.  
Getting a PlayStation 4 would allow me to cover a new, insanely popular platform, giving me more options in my coverage and increasing my potential readership.
I hope this isn't considered a lame goal, so if it is, please let me know a better suggestion through Twitter or email. Thanks, and I hope you will consider contributing to my goal.
I hope all of you who like my content that I produce on SuperPhillip Central will think about contributing some money, but don't worry. I will create content for the gaming platforms I own in the meantime.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me!

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