Monday, April 11, 2016

SuperPhillip Central's Favorite VGMs - A Masters Masterpiece Edition

The Masters is over, and the most exciting event in golf is now in the past. However, SuperPhillip Central has the perfect answer to-- okay, what am I talking about. This edition has no golf in it whatsoever, and I just needed a catchy edition name.

That notwithstanding, some stellar titles are featured this week, starting off with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. We then take it to the court with Mario Tennis Open. Following this is a trip to Terranigma, then an excursion to Pirate Lagoon from Diddy Kong Racing. Finally, we wrap up with a cheesy (in all the good ways) vocal theme from cult classic Burning Rangers.

For those interested in perusing past VGM volumes of SuperPhillip Central's weekly segment, check out the VGM Database at this link.

v1116. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64, 3DS) - Title Theme

I couldn't help but bring back a game to SuperPhillip Central's Favorite VGMs that is honest to goodness my favorite of all time. Now, that's not to say I remember everything about it. It isn't as easy to remember every facet and quirk about it as, say, a shorter game like Mega Man X, also a favorite. However, I do hold the game very dear. Touching songs like the one heard here for the title sequence as Link moves across beautiful Hyrule Field certainly help this feeling. The piano and ocarina combination is indeed a very endearing and romantic one.

v1117. Mario Tennis Open (3DS) - Wario Dunes

While Mario Tennis Open was a disappointment for many, I enjoyed the game and found a good amount of play time from it. Things could only go up with the next Mario Tennis, right? Well, about that... Anyway, the soundtrack for Mario Tennis Open, penned by Motoi Sakuraba, is full of tremendous grooves and catchy rhythms. It's great to play a spirited match of tennis to.

v1118. Terranigma (SNES) - Crysta

It's only fair that North America didn't see Terranigma while the rest of the world did. I mean, Startropics didn't see a Japanese release at all, and for the longest time (until the Wii Virtual Console, to be somewhat exact) Super Mario RPG was unavailable to Europeans. Since I'm based in the States (middle America, to be somewhat exact), I missed out on Terranigma, and I because of this I hold no emotional attachment to the game. That's how I know the game's soundtrack is something special.

v1119. Diddy Kong Racing (N64) - Pirate Lagoon

One of the lone hovercraft-only courses in Diddy Kong Racing, Pirate Lagoon has you carefully navigating your craft through hostile waters, tight turns, through a narrow cavernous chamber, and back outside near a wrecked pirate ship. Dave Wise once again delights with his music stylings, delivering a catchy, upbeat, and uptempo soundtrack that gets regular plays on my iTunes.

v1120. Burning Rangers (SAT) - Angels With Burning Hearts (English Version)

Rock out with this final VGM volume for this week. It's from a cult classic game for a cult classic system. It's Burning Rangers from the Sega Saturn. The game isn't totally unknown, as it got a new audience with the Burning Depths course in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. One of my least favorite tracks due to its hard to see turns, but a track in the game all the same. Gotta love the cheesy vocals, rock guitar, and sax!

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