Saturday, July 2, 2016

10 of the Best Multiplayer Games to Liven Up A Group Event

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Planning a night in with friends and you’re looking for a few fun ideas to keep everyone entertained? What better opportunity to break out the console and get everyone involved in some virtual fun can you get!

Here are some of the best multiplayer games that’ll keep your guests occupied for hours.


For almost every device Nintendo have released there has always been the highly anticipated unveiling of the newest chapter in their super fun ‘Mario Kart’ franchise.

‘Mario Kart 8’, which first made its appearance on the Wii U, is the most recent version of the action-packed racing game. Choose from a variety of popular console characters and race around a number of challenging courses whilst hurling shells, dropping banana skins and speeding your way to victory ahead of family and friends.


There are plenty of fun little group games you can enjoy with Wii Party. There are different modes to play and you can even use your own home for some of the more interactive games such as Hide and Hunt and Time Bomb which utilizes the remote itself.


This truly addictive multiplayer lets players take control of a rocket-powered car which is used to try and score through the opponents’ goal. Think of it as explosive football action with cars.


It’s become somewhat of a classic and even after all this time the original Wii Sports collection is still an addictive and fun game for all the family to play together. Players can enjoy golf, bowling, tennis, boxing and baseball from the comfort of their living room.


Whenever Nintendo characters get together you can always guarantee fun. With fighting game ‘Super Smash Bros’ up to 8 players can get in on the action at once making it the perfect choice for those looking to let off a little steam.


If you and your friends are looking to jam together then simply load up music game ‘Rock Band 4’ and belt out a tune or two. There are more than 1,600 songs to play along with spanning each musical decade.


It's eyes down for a full house. Not as weird as a choice as you might think! The traditional game of bingo has been making quite the comeback in recent times. So why not create your own special home-based version for your next party to help spice things up? Get inspiration from some of the best bingo sites in the UK online and go from there.


Get your groove on and bust out some moves with Ubisoft’s rhythm game ‘Just Dance’. Join in with friends and take part in challenging routines together or try and out dance your opponents.


This excellent collection of 5 various games from the makers of the classic crazy trivia game ‘You Don’t Know Jack’ will keep you and your guests entertained for hours. The pack includes the original ‘Jack’ as well as Drawful, Word Spud, Fibbage and Lie Swatter.


With Hasbro’s ‘Family Game Night’ collection there’s no need to break out the classic board games because this party game has it all. There’s Clue, Twister, Life, Yahtzee, and Mousetrap to enjoy.

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