Monday, July 18, 2016

SuperPhillip Central's Favorite VGMs - Back from Vacay! Edition

A storm with heavy winds erupted in the Central City area last week, resulting in power going out for about 48 hours in my neck of the woods. It gave me an impromptu vacation from the site, but now I'm back with regular updates for SuperPhillip Central, and that starts with a new edition of SuperPhillip Central's Favorite VGMs!

This week we kick things off with a battle theme from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. We then rock out with a menu theme from Sin and Punishment: Star Successor. Buck Bumble gives us an atypical title theme that gets us bum to the bass. Mega Man Battle Network then gives us a triumphant victory theme after a hard-fought battle, and finally, Final Fantasy V bestows this edition with a song great to begin a fun adventure with.

As always, just click on the VGM volume name to listen to the song mentioned. And also, as always, the VGM Database is there if you want to be linked to the 1,185 VGM volumes previously listed on the old Favorite VGMs!

v1186. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (GCN) - Battle Theme

Perhaps this is blasphemy, but I find the Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door soundtrack to be the weakest in the Paper Mario series. In fact, as unpopular an opinion this may be, but I find the Sticker Star soundtrack to be the best and most varied. Regardless, the battle theme of Thousand-Year Door has the motif of the Super Mario Bros. main theme sprinkled throughout it. Get ready to battle and perform well on stage to give the audience a battle for the ages!

v1187. Sin and Punishment: Star Successor (Wii) - Menu

It was amazing to see Nintendo actually come out with a sequel to what was formerly a Japan-only Nintendo 64 game. Two generations later, Wii owners across the globe got to enjoy Treasure's sequel to Sin and Punishment, the glorious Star Successor. The music has a heavy rock focus as evident from the sensational menu theme. It's almost worth the price of entry alone! ...Well... almost!

v1188. Buck Bumble (N64) - Title Screen

The slightly out-there pick of the Favorite VGMs this week, Buck Bumble's title screen theme is a rhythm rappin' delight. Bum to the Bass, baby! Buck Bumble itself is a widely overlooked gem in the Nintendo 64 library, a console that wasn't short of games that some consider cult classics and diamonds in the rough.

v1189. Mega Man Battle Network (GBA) - Winner!

You've just deleted a series of viruses or evil Net Navi. What is your present? Well, not only some zenny and perhaps even a new chip, but you also get this peppy victory theme! Well done, Mega Man.EXE. Your virus busting abilities are top notch, and you're just the Navi to save the Web from the WWW!

v1190. Final Fantasy V (SNES) - Ahead On Our Way

The west missed out on Final Fantasy V when it originally released. We'd see it finally hit our side of the world with the Final Fantasy Anthology for the PS1, containing both Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI on one disc. Ahead On Our Way is the opening theme for the former, a catchy song that gets one invigorated and in the mood for adventure!

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