Monday, January 2, 2017

Central City Census - January 2017

Sure, there's a new year upon us, but that also means it's a new month upon us as well! That's of significance because it's time to bring out both the Central City Census and the Review Round-Up! First, we'll check on the Central City Census and see the results from December 2016's Final Fantasy XV poll.

After ten years of planning, development, and production, Final Fantasy XV finally released! The Central City Census for December 2016 asked about whether you purchased the game, as well as asking if you're enjoying it, pending you bought it, of course.

There were 26 total votes in total (which isn't too bad considering I'm not the best at marketing the poll). The most popular choice was that yes, 8 people had bought the game and they were liking what they were playing. Meanwhile, we had 7 folks who were planning to purchase the game (perhaps as a Christmas gift for themselves?). An equal number of voters said they weren't planning to buy the game, while one lone soul bought the game but unfortunately isn't caring for it all that much. Lastly, 3 voters aren't certain whether Final Fantasy XV will be a part of their collections any time soon.

With the results for last month's Central City Census examined fully, let's check out what the Census has to ask this month, the first of 2017!

The holiday season is over. Did you get a good haul? Maybe you got some new hardware, whether a new PC, a new smartphone or tablet, a new home console, or a new handheld! The Central City Census for January 2017 asks if you got any new hardware over the holidays!

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