Monday, January 23, 2017

SuperPhillip Central's Favorite VGMs - "Trio of Xeno" Edition

After a week's vacation, SuperPhillip Central is back. This week begins with SuperPhillip Central's Favorite VGMs, and a special edition of this weekly segment at that. Leading off are three games with the Xeno prefix in them, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Xenogears, and Xenosaga Episode I. Though they share that aforementioned prefix, they couldn't be any more different of games if they tried. Moving on from those three games, we listen to a battle theme from Golden Sun before wrapping up with another boss theme, this time from Mega Man Star Force 2.

Listen to each song by clicking on the VGM volume name which serves as a hyperlink. Then, when you're done, you can listen to past VGM volumes via the VGM Database. Now, let's get on to the music!

v1316. Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U) - Codename Z

Fitting for the epic world of Xenoblade Chronicles X is an epic soundtrack! Players immediately get that sense with Codename Z, a bombastic tune featuring vocals, strings, brass, and more. Though some of the songs on the Xenoblade Chronicles X soundtrack do more to aggravate than delight, the majority of the tunes on the soundtrack are masterfully done.

v1317. Xenogears (PS1) - October Mermaid (Myth Album Version)

Xenogears was a solid game for the first of the two discs it was printed on. However, by the second disc, most players could tell that the game saw a rushed development by Xenogears's end. Myth is an official orchestrated and arranged soundtrack for Xenogears, featuring a selection of the most memorable tracks from the game. October Mermaid is a piano piece that is as tranquil as it is haunting in some parts.

v1318. Xenosaga Episode I (PS2) - Battle

Yasunori Mitsuda returns, this time with music from Xenosaga Episode I, the first entry in the planned six-part series of Xenosaga games. Unfortunately, only three of the games were made, though all available on the PlayStation 2. The battle theme is quite good, though it sadly can become grating as it's played over and over again during the story, even during boss battles.

v1319. Golden Sun (GBA) Versus Saturos

Despite the poor quality of the Game Boy Advance's speakers and sound chip, some composers were able to produce excellent sounding music from the system. Motoi Sakuraba was one of those, especially with his work on both Golden Sun games. We're focusing on the first, my personal favorite of the three Golden Sun games, with a battle theme against one of the primary antagonists of the game, Saturos.

v1320. Mega Man Star Force 2 (DS) - Wave Battle (Boss Theme)

We conclude this edition of SuperPhillip Central's Favorite VGMs with a boss battle theme from Mega Man Star Force 2. That sub-series of Mega Man games saw three entries released with multiple versions, similar to Pokemon games and later Mega Man Battle Network games. However, the Mega Man Star Force series was so similar to the latter that it was overlooked by many.

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