Monday, January 8, 2018

SuperPhillip Central's Favorite VGMs - "New Year, New VGMs" Edition

A new year brings a lot of resolutions and potential for a great new beginning. For SuperPhillip Central, my resolution is to be back on a regular schedule. Let's see how many days until I break that...

In all seriousness, happy new year to all of SPC's readers, regular and not, as we jump into 2018. We've already experienced the Review Round-Up, so let's dive into SuperPhillip Central's Favorite VGMs.

This edition begins with two games to chill and relax to: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Stardew Valley. We move from a calming duo of themes to a much more rocking pair with songs from the recently released Sonic Forces and a bonus stage theme from Bomberman on PSP. Finally, Hot Shots Golf 3 tees off and delivers a marvelous piece of music to sit back and nod one's head to in a steady rhythm.

Check out the VGM Database for all past video game themes featured on this weekly segment of SuperPhillip Central. Now, let's get onto the music!

v1536. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (iOS, Android) - Main Theme

Let's begin this edition with some relaxing music, perfect for exploring the cozy and relaxing campsite upon which Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp takes place. Pocket Camp is Nintendo's most recent foray into the realm of mobile gaming, and while it got a fair amount of attention, players aren't really spending too much money on the game. Hence, Nintendo's stock price falling due to investor worries. That doesn't matter, though, as the only currency one should care about in the world of Animal Crossing is that of Bells!

v1537. Stardew Valley (Multi) - Spring (Wild Horseradish Jam)

Don't worry, gang, winter is over in just under three months, and then glorious springtime will be here. In the meantime, let's listen to a song celebrating that blossomy season from Stardew Valley, an indie hit that scratches that itch for a tried and true Harvest Moon-like adventure game on home consoles. Stardew Valley most recently released on the Nintendo Switch, and a multiplayer update is in the works for an impending future release.

v1538. Sonic Forces (Multi) - Fist Bump

Moving on from campsites and farms, we head to the world of Sonic Forces, under heavy control by Dr. Eggman. Hoobastank, a name that takes me back a decade or two, performed the main theme of the game, Fist Bump. I am completely unashamed to admit that I, with no semblance of irony, enjoy this song. Plus, it's not that overheard within the game itself all that much, making it really powerful when it kicks in.

v1539. Bomberman (PSP) - Bonus Stage

A short theme that plays on a continuous loop, this peppy Bonus Stage theme gets you in the mood to bomb as much as possible. After all, you're immune to the explosions in Bomberman's PSP bonus stages, so light up some bombs and go on an explosive spree! Bomberman on PSP's solo mode played out like older Bomberman games, taking out all enemies in each level and occasionally facing a stronger boss. The multiplayer was as delightful as any other Bomberman game (save for Act Zero, of course). Teaming all that up with the infectious soundtrack, as evidenced by this rockin' bonus stage theme, and you have a -- excuse me for using this word again -- explosive package!

v1540. Hot Shots Golf 3 (PS2) - United Forest G.C. (Spring)

Back in the day, students, the Everybody's Golf franchise was known as Hot Shots Golf here in North America. However, in Europe and Oceania it was always known as Everybody's Golf. Now, in North America, with the latest entry on PlayStation 4, Hot Shots Golf is now known as Everybody's Golf as well. Confused? It's okay! We're only here to listen to video game music, after all! Enough with the baffling history lesson, and onto this catchy theme played during the spring season of the United Forest golf course from Hot Shots Golf 3!

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