Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Just Over 20 Minutes of Footage From SuperPhillip RPG: The Crystal Quest

I promised this, and thankfully I found the compatible software and hardware to pull it off. The sound is iffy as it recorded from a microphone (I had to go out and buy one for cheap at Circuit City) since my sound card wasn't up to snuff to record straight from it. Regardless, you get a small sound sample of the game. The real game has much clearer and crisper sound and music, so no worries.

What I played through was the opening, and then I explored the beginning town, Mabel, for the duration of the clip. I even caught a few errors while playing that I've seen fixed such as the game being called "No More Tomorrow" instead of what it is now, "The Crystal Quest". Please leave some feedback in the comments section, everyone. Thanks much for your support!

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