Wednesday, July 2, 2008

In two weeks, we'll be up to our eyeballs in marvelous E3 coverage!

Sure, it won't beat the early Christmas gift that was the large, thriving E3 that occurred each May, but it's still the number one source to hear about the newest game announcements, updates, and even a surprise or two... thousand... along the way.

Let's take a look back at the highs and lows of past E3 press conferences in anticipation for E3 2008!

E3 2004 - The Unveiling of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

The console war had been decided years prior to 2006. The Gamecube was losing exclusives, games, and third parties left and right. As if to form one final hurrah for the legion of Nintendrones who followed their precious company through all of their highs and lows of the Gamecube's life, Nintendo unveiled one final game for the little purple box, and what followed was something that sent chills to Nintendo fans all over the Nintendom.

E3 2006 - The Wii's Coming Out Party

E3 2006 was the time when Nintendo's secretive little Wii was finally unveiled in-depth to gamers young and old. Oh, how I wish I had known how horribly lazy third party companies were going to be towards the Wii even to this day!

E3 2006 - Sony's Embarrassing E3 Press Conference

Embarrassing is putting it mildly. You have the king and reigning champion of the video game market going into E3 will a lot of momentum. You have them riding the success of the Playstation brand, the PS1, PS2, and in some regard, the PSP. Nothing could go wrong, right? Ehhhhh.... It was almost like watching an empire's tower come crashing to the ground. How to watch for some, entertaining as hell for the rest of us. What we have here is a series of clips cleverly sequenced together for maximum hilarity. Ignore the fanboy babble at the end for an amusing look at how Sony shot themselves in the foot.

E3 2007 - How Sony Got Their Groove Back

After their poor 2006 showing at E3, Sony marched to E3 2007 guns blazing and very much rocked the show. I would go so far as to say that they had the best showing last year, and they really needed to. They had a lot to prove-- they needed to show folks to put some faith into the Playstation 3, and I think they did so splendidly. This video is the closing trailer for their 2007 E3 press conference.

E3 2007 - Jamie Kennedy is A Tool.

Well, we didn't need to see this press conference to realize that, did we? Jamie Kennedy, B-list celebrity and known for whatever the hell movies he's been in, was the drunken emcee for Activision's 2007 E3 press conference. Not a good idea to be heckling the crowd that is watching you with jokes regarding gaming stereotypes. The funniest bit doesn't come from Kennedy, who is funny for all the wrong reasons, it comes from a person in the audience. I won't spoil it. No worries.

Hope you enjoyed this brief look at past E3 press conferences. They aren't the grandest highlights from E3's illustrious past, so I'll be back for some more glimpses into E3's history.

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CMM1215 said...

LMFAO oh man, I forgot all about that Jamie Kennedy stuff. That was just hilarious.

E3 will be very interesting this year. Of course, every company will have some very exciting announcements, but what will be even more interesting is how MS and Sony attempt to fight Nintendo's disruption.

Based on those leaked MS Mii-clones a few weeks ago and "Life with PlayStation," it looks like they're both cramming. Needless to say, it won't work. =)