Saturday, July 5, 2008

SuperPhillip RPG: The Crystal Quest Logo

An excellent user on the board formerly known as Wii General on GameFAQs, MARI0, constructed a mock-up logo for my RPG. As you can see by the logo, he's incredibly talented and skilled. That was made in the span of a few hours, and it's amazing how professional it looks. The only thing missing is the "RPG" part of the title. Otherwise, it's really fantastic.


Anonymous said...

I see you posted it on the site. I'd appreciate it if you post comments in the topic on Gamefaqs. I also made a version with a black background if your interested. You can check it out here:

Anonymous said...

I've made some of your revisions. I added "RPG" to the logo. And I made a version that features a crystal. I do feel that the logo has too many elements with the crystal added though, so I provided one without it as well. You could always have people vote for which they prefer or something.

With crystal:

Without crystal: