Thursday, July 17, 2008

NHL 2K9 Wii Footage - Hat trick or high sticking?

Why am I continuing to post Wii news? I feel so sorry for it truthfully after Nintendo's abysmal performance this year. Hell, every press conference was actually boring for the most part-- Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, Activision, EA, Capcom, Konami, etc.

NHL 2K9 looks rather pleasing for the Wii. It lacks online functionality, but for me it doesn't matter. I'm more of a social gamer. Chatting with people over the air is nowhere near as fun and satisfying as being able to heckle people right next to you. That's my personal preference anyway. I'm sure a lot of other people view it the other way.

Anyway, this video is off-screen footage with one of the developers telling us about what makes the Wii version worthy of mention. Enjoy.

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