Sunday, October 26, 2008

The SPC Review Scale (0-10)

Perhaps you've been wondering what each number at the end of a review means. Different sites use different scales, and different numbers mean different things on different sites. Well, let me explain my rating scale for games in a simple fashion.

3/19/09 EDIT: Even simpler!

10 - Masterful

9 - Excellent

8 - Great

7 - Good

6 - Fair

5. Average

4. Flawed

3. Poor

2. Horrible

1. Repulsive

or use the long version...

10 - Virtually perfect with incredibly minor or no discernible flaws.

9 - A must-buy for any gamer. Almost but not quite perfect.

8 - A great game only barred by some minor flaws.

7 - An above average game worth a look to any gamer.

6 - Slightly above average but has many flaws holding it back.

5 - An average game that doesn't do too much for gaming as a whole.

4 - A below average game with bothersome flaws. Would only recommend to fans.

3 - A game filled with too many flaws to recommend to anyone.

2 - A horrible game which no gamer should play unless curious.

1 - An abomination to gaming. Will use to make spies talk.

Essentially, anything from 5-10 has more positives than negatives even if the game may not have been that incredible for me to play. From 0-4.75, there's more negatives than positives-- that is, if there are any positives at all.

Most of my reviews range from the 6-9.75 range, and that's for a good reason. I usually do enough research to know if I'm going to like a game before purchasing it. For those that I'm unsure of or just want to play something god-awful for once, I rent. The majority of the games I review are ones I've done research on and purchased, though I have been burned multiple times before. Hope that clears up why I don't have too many overly negative reviews. Why waste time playing crappy games? I'm not paid to play them like "gaming journalists".

Currently, my lowest-scored game is Ninjabread Man for the Wii which received a 2.5. I rented that out of morbid curiosity, rest assured. Hope this clears things up to those who weren't aware.

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That's pretty much what mine is...