Monday, October 20, 2008

SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs - Made From Synthetic Fibers

Hope everyone's workweek and/or school-week started out well (except you, Bob Saget! Grrr!!). We have five more songs up to bat on this Monday evening ranging from Star Fox to Xenogears. Variety-- it's what's for dinner. I don't think I got the saying right...


Cape Claw is an area from the last console game Rare developed for a Nintendo console, Star Fox Adventures. The song has a very obvious tribal, African feel that's quite soothing and enjoyable to listen to.

"Bright Sound" is the theme of Rouge the Bat's first mission, Dry Lagoon, in Sonic Adventure 2. The song is very smooth backed by female vocals. It sounds like something from a 60s spy movie which is apropos since Rouge is a spy for G.U.N.

This track, "In the Gloomy Darkness", is the theme of The Mine of Cathuriges, an early dungeon from Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles for the Nintendo Gamecube. I really adore this soundtrack. Not every day do you get to hear real, earthen instruments used for an entire soundtrack.

"In the Gloomy Dark" is a very slow-moving piece perfect for exploring the dank caverns and mines of the dungeon.

This track is from Blue Dragon for the Xbox 360 composed by none other than Final Fantasy and virtuoso composer, Nobuo Uematsu. I think it should have played through at least twice before fading out, but what do I know?

Xenogears Creid is a special arranged album of various Xenogears tracks. "Stairs of Light" is a vocal piece with a French flavor to it. Very jaunty, very magical.

Direct Linkage:

Direct Link - Cape Claw
Direct Link - Bright Sound for Dry Lagoon
Direct Link - In the Gloomy Dark
Direct Link - Mechat Takes Off!
Direct Link - Stairs of Light

We'll see you next week, audiophiles!

P.S. Do you like the new color scheme for the video toolbar?

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