Monday, October 20, 2008

Top Ten Ways to Overhype Your Video Game

Edge Online recently wrote an article on ten ways to overhype your game. If you've been with this blog for awhile, then you know how much I love and idolize David Letterman. I thought I'd go the extra distance and write up a top ten list, so here we go. I hope you at the very least get a smile out of it, and look at that logo! I always go the extra distance for my graphics!

[Top Ten Ways to Overhype Your Video Game]

10. You have a branded soda which tastes like Master Chief’s pee.

9. You make a “for or against” thread on NeoGAF.

8. You’re marketing a game for the Wii developed by Ubisoft.

7. You ruin the production line of the Xbox 360 just to promote your new game, “Three Red Lights”.

6. You’re pushing it as a way to announce “the second coming of our lord and savior, Bubsy”.

5. No number five. Person who was supposed to write it had his house foreclosed due to the struggling U.S. economy.

4. Your game was rated four times by the ESRB: 1) “M” 2)”A” 3)”M” 4) “Aw, who the hell cares?”

3. You just spent five bucks on marketing Lair.

2. You started promoting the game in 1989 and it’s STILL not out!

1. Your game just got nominated for Republican vice president. Oh, wait. That’s how to overhype a VP nominee!

*Paul plays “Louie, Louie” with the rest of the CBS Orchestra*

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