Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bond Has Infiltrated SuperPhillip Central...

...And he just tried to snap my neck for no reason at all!! I'm sorry, George Lazenby, that you were only in one Bond film, but that doesn't mean you can attempt to kill me because of it! Anyway, 007: Quantum of Solace hits North American theaters this Friday (let's not talk about the video game, okay?) To celebrate, I have a special entry for today. As those who've been following SuperPhillip Central for awhile now, you know that music is a great passion of mine as my favorite VGMs and such show. For today, I'd like to count down my top five Bond themes of all time-- y'know, opening themes like Live and Let Die and the like. Perhaps you and I share some favorites.

5. Goldfinger

Shirley Bassey delivers her first of three fantastic vocal performances with Goldfinger, filled with powerful brass flares, perfect for the film's namesake villain.

4. A View to A Kill

Duran Duran performs this very 80s theme. I mean, what other time would proudly use synth so prominently? Regardless, it's an awesome credit sequence both in visuals and sound. When the chorus kicks in, you know you're listening to a great song.

3. Tomorrow Never Dies

Sheryl Crow displays her very impressive vocal skills with steamy lyrics, a sultry voice, dynamic range, and a commanding chorus. Couple her brilliant voice with a wonderful guitar and orchestra, and you have one formidable song.

2. You Know My Name

Chris Cornell kicks this song into high gear with his rough and stylistic vocals. When the opening guitar starts up, it becomes apparent that this isn't your ordinary Bond theme for your ordinary Bond. No, it's a brand new style for a brand new Bond. Did I mention the visuals that accompany the song kick ass?

1. The Man With the Golden Gun

This theme and You Know My Name were neck-and-neck until the very end. I think both 1 and 2 on this list are interchangeable. I like them both pretty much the same for different reasons. Lulu from To Sir With Love fame sings this theme, a very catchy, efficacious, villainous-sounding piece.

Honorable mentions include: Live and Let Die, Thunderball, You Only Live Twice, and The World is Not Enough.

Dishonorable mentions include: Die Another Day (which I can happily tolerate now... and almost like) and the Quantum of Solace theme. Horrible singing... Just horrible... Everything else is nice though in the song.

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