Monday, November 3, 2008

SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs - They Are Not U.S. Citizens, So They Cannot Vote Edition

Tomorrow is the American presidential election, and not only are U.S. citizens excited-- so are many of the world's denizens. After all, we don't need another Bush to muck up the world even further, right? Unfortunately for my favorite VGMs, they are unavailable to vote as they are not legal U.S. citizens. It's all right however as they thought it was Clinton versus Dole this time around. I gotta keep my favorite VGMs up to date on world news.... Nonetheless, let's see what's up for your listening pleasure this week!


I don't know what it is about this song. It's infectious. You have the rough vocals of a Japanese woman trying her best to rape the English language, and you have a pretty good beat to it. It's "Birthday Cake" from Jet Set Radio Future for the original Xbox-- also available for B/C on the Xbox 360.

This track comes from Mega Man: Network Transmission for the Gamecube. It was quite the difficult game, but if you persevered, you'd be rewarded with a great time. This track takes place in Colorman's Stage-- the Game Center.

It always made me curious why the creators shied away from using Clownman as the name for any of the jester-looking Navis. Well, at least they didn't use the American dub's name of Wackoman. Seriously... Wackoman? Is this a Navi or Michael Jackson?

One of my greatest gaming regrets was never owning a Dreamcast. Unfortunately and fortunately (if that makes any sense), SEGA dropped out of the console business instead deciding to be a third party developer. This allowed Sonic Adventure 2 to hit a Nintendo system-- something that probably was the first or second sign of the gaming apocalypse. I really enjoyed SA2 a lot. It was imperfect, but it was nowhere near the current abomination of the Sonic name in Sonic 2006.

This song sets the tone for the fast-paced City Escape level. Cheesy to some, awesome to others. I get a smile on my face while listening to it-- or at least a happy feeling.

We go from one famed mascot to another with Mario and Super Mario Galaxy. I'm saying it now. It's one of my top ten games of all time. There you go. It's near-perfect. And the soundtrack? Just one of the best period. Great melodies backed by an incredible orchestra. Here's "Battlerock". It's not a stretch, but it's the main theme of the Battlerock Galaxy.

This track comes from the very charming and fun, albeit easy, Super Princess Peach for the Nintendo DS. I've taken the liberty of posting both versions as for every area in the game, there's two different songs that eventually play. These songs play throughout the second world, Hoo's Wood. Hoo's Wood... Certainly not mine since it's much longer. *rimshot* Yeah, I wish.

Direct Linkage:

Direct Link - Birthday Cake
Direct Link - Colorman's Stage
Direct Link- City Escape
Direct Link - Battlerock
Direct Link - Hoo's Wood 1 & 2

If you aren't old enough to vote, then exercise your right to listen to check out my Youtube channel as it's there that you can find all of my past and future volumes! Until next week, we bid you adieu!

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