Thursday, October 1, 2009

Max and the Magic Marker (Wiiware) Trailer

Digital distribution methods have seen a host of creative games made specifically for it, and it's a great way for indie developers to get their product out to the masses. One such creative game is coming to Wiiware very soon, and it's entitled Max and the Magic Marker. It's a game that couldn't be produced on any other game console save for the DS. To get an idea on the gameplay in the Magic Marker, check out this new trailer for the game.


Kyle said...

Game looks really awesome. Something of a combination of Okami, Drawn to Life, Kirby: Canvas Curse, and Scribblenauts (and those are some pretty notable games).

WiiWare's been doing really great lately and the end of the year looks awesome. We'll have this, Super Meat Boy, the LostWinds sequel, And Yet It Moves, Cave Story, and NightSky to look forward to!

Unknown said...

Yeah, I finally jumped on the WiiWare bandwagon once I could play them off my SD card.