Friday, May 14, 2010

Top Five Super Mario Galaxies

The worlds of Super Mario Galaxy are funnily enough known as galaxies. There's more than fifteen individual galaxies in the game to explore and conquer. Which ones made my top five list? You don't have to wait long to see!

5) Freezeflame Galaxy

The Freezeflame Galaxy is similar to Banjo-Tooie's Hailfire Peaks. One side is a fiery volcano, lava-filled area while the other is an arctic paradise where Mario can skate on ice as well as Scott Hamilton. I'm partial to the ice side as that one is much more open to explore. It's also where one of the more difficult purple coin challenges takes place. You have to scour the mountain up to its summit to find all of the purple coins. Meanwhile, the fire side has Fire Mario who can temporarily chuck fireballs at enemies and crates alike.

4) Toy Time Galaxy

A galaxy filled with bots and toys, but be forewarned that it won't be all fun and games for Mario. Spring Mario gets introduced here, and he can leap way high into the air over pits, obstacles, and walls. My favorite part of this galaxy is taking down a giant Mecha Bowser toy by scaling his body, screwing off its arms, and then ground pounding his head to defeat him. Another fun challenge is Luigi's Purple Coins where you have to collect 100 coins while the platforms you walk on constantly disappear.

3) Melty Molten Galaxy

Melty Molten is one of the final galaxies Mario visits, and it's a definite challenge. Podoboos, flowing lava, burning spheres of fire, and a mountain that sinks into the lava are but some of the obstacles Mario will have to watch out for. My favorite part of this galaxy is entering a warp star, the camera facing back at Mario while the volcano behind him erupts (seen below). Very cool. The daredevil run where you have to collect a star without taking damage was one of the more difficult stars for me to obtain, but once I did, I was content.

2) Gusty Garden Galaxy

Gusty Garden is built on wind. Not only that, but it's a beautiful, lush, green galaxy full of sights to behold and moles to mash. Riding on the wind isn't just cool, it's essential to reach out-of-the-way planetoids. Ground pounding apples in the depths of space will make a worm charge out of them, creating a path to a new platform to scamper about on. Just watch out for the area's boss, a mean mole who will claw anyone who gets in his way!

1) Bowser's Galaxy Reactor

Bowser's Galaxy Reactor is the culmination of everything you've seen throughout Mario's journey through space. There's deadly sand from Dusty Dune, frozen tiles from Freezeflame, scorching fire from Melty Molten, and one of the coolest finales to a level ever. Words don't do it justice, so check out the accompanying video to see what I'm talking about.

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Those are my personal favorite galaxies. What about you? Send me your thoughts and comments in our comments section!


Kyle said...

You pretty much nailed it, those are all fantastic levels. Though I have a special love for the Honeyhive Galaxy even if it is a bit basic.

While I'll always remember how phenomenal SMG was, I'd kind of forgotten how colorful and alive it really is. I think I'll replay that one again, especially since the 2nd will be here soon (*checks calendar*). Crap! I've gotta hurry.

CM30 said...

My favourites personally were the Dreadnought Galaxy, Melty Molten Galaxy, Buoy Base, Bowser's Galaxy Reactor and the Bonefin Galaxy. Why? Because I liked the more difficult levels, as well as the ones with the better music. The final boss was great, and I also enjoyed fighting Kingfin (what, I actually run a fanlisting for the character)

And yes, the Melty Molten Galaxy looks beautiful.