Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More Stats According to the Nintendo Channel

Welcome to a wonderful Tuesday evening here at SuperPhillip Central. Why is it so wonderful? Well, it was raining heavily, but now the sun is shining and the evening is turning out great. Why not ring in a nice day with some more statistics from the Nintendo Channel. This time around, I'm choosing five select games to put under the playtime microscope. The first two have surpassed several games listed in my various top ten lists. The latter three are actually the 31st, 32nd, and 33rd spots on the Nintendo Channel's most played list. Let's get this party started, shall we?

Monster Hunter Tri - 38 Hrs. 25 Min.

Time in this game has been spent almost half and half I'd say between offline and online skirmishes. The game is full of content from weapons to upgrade, monsters to massacre, and of course, the thrill of the hunt to be had with friends! The game may be difficult to the outside gamer, but for those with a passion for learning a game inside and out and improving with it, you can't do much better than Monster Hunter 3. Online play is still enjoyable despite my lack of a keyboard to type messages with. Instead, I use the premade messages such as "Let's do this" and "Sorry..." If you're a fan of games that reward you for fighting smart and hard, Monster Hunter 3 may just be the game for you.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 - 36 Hrs. 2 Min.

Scoring an unprecedented perfect ten out of ten on SPC, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is definitely spectacular. Both my older brother and I have been playing through the game with each of us collecting the original 120 stars and besting Bowser for the final time. Now we're both scurrying to outdo one another in collecting the 120 green stars hidden throughout each galaxy in often death-defying locations. Aside from that, this game is a 3D platforming fan's dream with all of the creatively-designed levels filled with obstacles to dodge and platforms to leap on. Super Mario Galaxy 2 truly is a game that is out of this world.

Mario Super Sluggers - 15 Hrs. 7 Min.

Batter up! Baseball season is upon us, and so is Mario and the gang as you'll see shortly. Mario Super Sluggers takes the tried and true formula of the original Superstar Baseball game for Gamecube, adds in some motion control batting, and some updated visuals for an intriguing take on our nation's pastime. With multiple, themed courses some with hazards like Chain-Chomps and Piranha Plants to go to bat on as well as superstar moves for each player both offensively and defensively, and you have one heated game of baseball. Playing through the solo mode took plenty of my time as did multiplayer sessions with friends.

Mario Strikers Charged - 14 Hrs. 17 Min.

Mario just won't leave us alone on our list, will he? Never the mind as we're enjoying his company. Mario Strikers Charged by Next Level Games (who would later craft the fine Punch-Out!, also for Wii) was an excellent take on the world's favorite sport, football. See there? I called it football not soccer for my international readers! SP's got your back! Regardless, the game featured 3-on-3 linesmen each with their own deke moves and offensive abilities like the Hammer Bros' hammer spike. Oftentimes considered a cheap move to spam coincidentally. With plenty of characters and captains to choose, multiple arenas, and an impressive presentation, Mario Strikers Charged comes charging out onto the field as a winner.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers - 14 Hrs. 2 Min.

My only regret with Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers is that I only had time to play through it once. I didn't get to experience all the game offered, and it definitely offered an abundant amount of content. From fun mini-games to rewarding experimenting in combat, The Crystal Bearers was quite the enjoyable romp even if some of my fellow colleagues disagreed. Then there were medals, achievement-like rewards that lengthened playtime considerably. There's over 300 to collect, and with the new game plus option there was really no excuse not to give the game a second go-round. Curse this backlog of mine!

Have any Nintendo Channel data of mine that you would like to see? Hit me up with a comment in the section derived for comments-- the comments section!

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coffeewithgames said...

Monster Hunter 3 is the only one on the list I have played recently.

I want to finish the single-player, but keep going back to the its online!