Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Top Ten Most Overlooked Wii Games Period

We've been doing the Most Overlooked Wii Games feature on SuperPhillip Central for two years now. I think it's about time we compile the most overlooked of the most overlooked into one concise list-- a top ten, if you will. Here are the top ten Wii games that most of you just didn't care to try. As always, feel free to bitch and moan like little girls when your favorite doesn't make the list.

10) Red Steel 2

The whole needs MotionPlus thing probably was the death of this title. Plus it was coming off of a poor original game in the launch-title, Red Steel. However, unlike the first Red Steel, Red Steel 2 was actually fun and played well. With MotionPlus in hand, your cowboy western samurai deals death to his opponents. Change from sword stance to gunplay in a flash with the intuitive controls. Taking down enemies was not only enjoyable, but it simply made you feel like a badass. And you WERE a badass.

9) Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon

This easier roguelike featured the main mascot of the Final Fantasy series, Chocobo. In this game, the premise was that the town of the game had lost their memories. To recover them, Chocobo must enter labyrinth-like arenas, taking down enemies one-by-one, picking up treasure, beating up bosses, and retrieving the townspeople's lost memories. Add in many odes to the mainline Final Fantasy games, and you have a nostalgia trip covered in a very incredible game.

8) The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces

With a stirring soundtrack, anime scenes, and high-flying dogfights, The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces was an early 2010 title that attracted no attention whatsoever. Sure, it came from the same team that worked on the Ace Combat games, but who cares about that outside of Japan? Nonetheless, the aerial combat was intense and gratifying. Yes, some missions were imbalanced, but overall the game was well put together and featured some breath-taking visuals.

7) Little King's Story

A young lad becomes king of a starving village. By expanding the kingdom, recruiting soldiers, taking down bastard bosses, and winning the love of various princesses, the young king creates an expansive kingdom, yes, fit for a king. The Pikmin-like gameplay features multiple unit types from bridge-builders to enemy-attacking soldiers perfect for getting the job done in combat. Just don't let the little king take damage! Featuring remixed classical music, Little King's Story is one wild ride.

6) Opoona

A childish RPG where all you used was your Wii remote's nunchuk, Opoona is a fascinating specimen. On one hand, it's quite difficult to complete all the side quests and bonus content, and on the other, it's just so gosh-darned cute. I mean, look at those screenshots! What's up with that ball over Opoona's head? Anyway, the game sports lush visuals, an easy-to-understand, tough-to-master combat system, and a score by the same composer who worked on the Final Fantasy Tactics series. What more can you ask for in an RPG?

5) Blast Works: Build, Trade, Destroy

Before LittleBigPlanet (SPC's GotY 2008), there was a twenty dollar budget title that allowed you to create your very own shmups. Whether they were scrolling upward or left-to-right, you had the power to create your own enemies, hero vessels, background set pieces, and levels. The game also came with its own unique title where exploded enemy ships would have their parts attached to your ship to make one giant, impenetrable flying fortress of doom. Just watch out for your own hit box!

4) Klonoa

The floppy-eared protagonist is back in this remake of Door to Phantomile, the PS1 classic that also sold poorly. With little in the way of advertisements, it's an unfortunate truth that this game would not do well. Regardless, this 2 1/2D platformer featured some awesome level design, tricky platforming puzzles, and exquisite visuals. The ending is probably one of the most "WTF did that come from" moments in gaming history. Whether you're a fan of felines or a fan of a good jump and run, Klonoa is under thirty, so get it today.

3) A Boy and His Blob

Made by WayForward, the company best known for their work on Shantae, this overlooked gem was a new chapter on the old Nintendo Entertainment System classic of the same name. It was a game whose heroes were simply a nameless boy and a blob. Together you solved puzzles, tackled many foes, and transformed into one of many forms from the fun rocket to the trampoline. Using the correct ability at the correct time made all the difference between success and failure. Plus, how can you not have your heart warmed to all those blob hugs?

2) The Munchables

Katamari Damacy meets Pac-man in the Munchables, a game about gobbling up as many enemies as possible. Of course, that's not as simple as it sounds. Your munchable can only eat up enemies that are smaller than him or her. As your munchable gobbles up as many enemies as possible, it grows larger, allowing it to chow down on larger enemies until it reaches the goal. This game was SO overlooked that SuperPhillip Central was the honest-to-goodness first review of the game. That's just sad.

1) Excitebots: Trick Racing

SUPER SANDWICH! Did I get your attention yet? Then perhaps SUPER SIDEBAR, SUPER TREE RUN, and SUPER SMASH will garner it? The goal of Excitebots is not just to become first, but to do it in style. In order to actually win, you need to earn stars. How do you earn stars, you ask? By performing stunts and tricks while racing. Getting first, of course, helps, but it's not the be-all end-all. A great game to just have wacky racing fun, Excitebots: Trick Racing is definitely a winner in my book.


Perhaps my list is not adequate enough for you. Would you like to share your own top ten of the Wii's most overlooked games? Be my guest.


Bossman said...

Really enjoyed this entry. Nice to see your other posts besides the stuff you post over on CAG. I'm thinking I will have to give Klonoa a try.

Unknown said...

CAG is a difficult place to get honest feedback. There's really a lot of mean-spirited people there.

Regardless, I very much appreciate your feedback. Hope you continue liking what you read on SPC.

Anonymous said...

Very good list. Enjoyed it a lot! Screw CAG! Bunch of trolls! You're too busy winning to care!