Monday, October 31, 2011

Top Five Scariest Enemies

It's Halloween all over the world, so what better occasion than today to show off my top five scariest enemies in gaming lore? These baddies give thrills, chills, and enough frights to last a long and lengthy lifetime. After you check out my entries why not write a brief list of your own to compare with? With that out of the way, let's get to the countdown.

5) Crimson Heads (Resident Evil series)

Introduced in the Resident Evil remake on the Gamecube, Crimson Head zombies are zombies that reanimate themselves, are faster than normal zombies, and take off more damage. It makes an already intense game in Resident Evil all the more intense because if you neglected to blow the head off a given zombie, when you return to a room in the game, they can rise up from the ground and chase after you. They're extremely quick and do a lot of damage, so it's important to take care of zombies before the fact, or else they'll turn into Crimson Heads. As if vanilla zombies weren't intimidating enough, a room full of speedy Crimson Heads is even more troubling.

4) Redead (The Legend of Zelda series)

The only non-horror game on this short countdown is The Legend of Zelda. The first time Redeads appeared was in Ocarina of Time as they were found in crypts, in the bottom of the well mini-dungeon, and in Hyrule Town's grim future. They attack by glaring straight at Link, freezing him in his tracks as they let out a deafening scream. They then slowly saunter their animated corpses over to their unfortunate target, wrap their bodies around their assailant's back, and begin choking (perhaps even biting) the life out of them. It almost looks naughty what they're doing-- humping their prey. Redeads and their stronger mummy version in Gibidos are some of the creepiest enemies in gaming today. Ocarina in Time 3D only enhanced my feelings on this matter.

3) Scissorman (Clock Tower series)

In Clock Tower, a series mainly found on the PlayStation and PlayStation 2, Scissorman is a stalker who comes after the player during inopportune times throughout the game. Perhaps it's when the player is attempting to solve a puzzle or simply moving about the game. When Scissorman is spotted, the player must retreat, hide (though this scissor-clad stalker can hide in the same areas, so be careful!), or die. The "scissor" in Scissorman stands for the huge pair of bloody shears the enemy carries around, ready to snip the head or limb off his prey. There's nothing worse than feeling helpless in a point-and-click adventure game, and Scissorman delivers this feeling in spades whenever he shows up.

2) Pyramid Head (Silent Hill series)

Constantly stalking protagonist James Sutherland in Silent Hill 2, Pyramid Head is a plot point used to symbolize James' desire to be punished for his wife's premature death. Pyramid Head is a monster lacking a face, something that makes the design of this monster even more terrifying. His executioner style and ominous demeanor give off some absolutely disturbing vibes. Pyramid Head would be utilized in other games in the franchise including Silent Hill: Homecoming as well as appearing in a handful of the Silent Hill movies. His motives are usually to torment and torture the psyches of the main characters. Whatever his motives, Pyramid Head is one formidable foe worthy of being scared of.

1) Super Salvador (Resident Evil series)

The ultimate in horror, Super Salvador does not appear in the main game of Resident Evil 4. His smaller, shorter relative, Dr. Salvador, does, but he shows up in the final map of The Mercenaries mode. He's so dangerous because he wields a massive chainsaw which he flings around like a rag doll. If a player is within his hit box, the player will be decapitated instantly. There are no easy means to defeat Super Salvador either. Grenades are great, but they come in limited supplies. I generally play a cat-and-mouse game with him. I climb ladders and jump across platforms. It's through these moments where a player is temporarily invincible. Meanwhile, you can fill this mega form of Salvador with lead. Who isn't disturbed by the revving up of a chainsaw in the distance? Where is it coming from? Certainly the player is then on high alert and pulses then pound like wild.


Honorable mentions go to Piggsy from Manhunt, Adam from Dead Rising, and Regenerators from Resident Evil 4. So what are your top five scariest enemies? Let all of SuperPhillip Central know in our comments section. Happy Halloween to you all!

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