Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Central City Census - November

The month of haunts, spooks, thrills, and chills is behind us already. Can you believe it? Before we dive head first into November, let's view the Census from October.

Have you ever been in costume as your favorite video game character?

Yes, I cosplay regularly.
5 (15%)
Yes, once or twice for Halloween.
6 (18%)
Yes, on occasion.
4 (12%)
No, but I've wanted to.
7 (21%)
No, there's been no inclination.
11 (33%)

The majority of voters have not dressed up as a video game character. Either they've wanted to, or they've had no desire to. I'm in the latter camp. Nonetheless, five voters are regular cosplayers, six SPC readers have dressed up once or twice for the Halloween holiday, and four of you have dressed up on occasion. Who have you guys dressed up as? I have a Mario cap I earned from Club Nintendo, but that's the extent of my costume crusades. Let's examine November's Census, shall we?

eBay and other sites of its ilk are pretty popular in buying, selling, and trading video games as well as other media and goods. Do you frequent auction sites to buy, sell, or trade games? That is the question that November's Census has to ask.

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