Friday, February 3, 2012

Announcing Our Newest Affiliate: Gamesplosions!

This is almost like a running gag now. No, I don't mean gaining new affiliates, but seeing how many new affiliates get added to my list of friendly sites and how often "Announcing Our Newest Affiliate" posts pop up. Regardless, I'm proud to announce that SuperPhillip Central has a new friend and it is none other than Gamesplosion, a British video game blog. The site is run by a man named Ian who has a snazzy interface, reviews without scores (I think the industry could use this and shy away from Metacritic and Gamerankings), insightful impressions on upcoming games, and much more. I believe the site is just starting out, so I not only loved what I saw from Ian's opening attempt at making something special, I wanted to spread the word on his blog to my readers. Maybe you'll find Gamesplosions to be something special, too.


Matt Sainsbury said...

Your network gets bigger and bigger, Phillip :) good to see.

gamesplosions is a good looking site. Thanks for pointing it out!

Parko said...

I think the name is pretty sweet, so I gotta check them out.