Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Announcing Our Newest Affiliates: Game Bullets and The Gay Gamer!

The circle of affiliates and friends for SuperPhillip Central continues to grow exponentially. We have two new friends that have agreed to share links, and they are both sites that you should look into. The first is Game Bullets, a site dedicated to information regarding Game of the Year editions and collections. The latter is The Gay Gamer, a blog founded by Brian Ochalla. Really, the hook isn't so much that he is gay, but rather that he is a competent writer who details his thoughts on gaming on a daily basis. I encourage you to visit and explore both of these sites, and perhaps even subscribe.

1 comment:

Bryan Ochalla said...

Thanks for the tip of the hat, Phillip. I appreciate it! I look forward to checking in on your blog regularly from here on out :)