Monday, March 19, 2012

SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs - March Madness Edition

Welcome to an all-new week here at SuperPhillip Central. As it is now customary of Mondays, it is time for SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs. This week we have music from games like Killer7, Kirby Air Ride, and Star Ocean: The Second Story. The lineup is there, so let's get to the music.

v66. Killer7 (PS2, GCN) - Dissociative Identity

I had not heard of Suda 51 until Killer7, originally one of the Capcom Five. We know what happened with that... Killer7 was a game where you had a limited range of movement. You could only walk on specified linear paths. This is all the while gunning down temporarily invisible Heaven's Smile infected. Dissociative Identity is the credits theme of Killer7, and it is a smooth tune that is accented by an easy piano melody and a percussive series of beats.

v67. Kirby Air Ride (GCN) - Checker Knights

Masahiro Sakurai's latest game, Kid Icarus: Uprising, is set to release in North America this Friday. Today, however, we listen to a theme from his GameCube cult classic, Kirby Air Ride. The game was simplistic in its controls, but fun as all get out. Kirby Air Ride introduced a challenge wall, something that would be seen in one of Sakurai's later games, Super Smash Bros. Brawl. You would complete tasks and receive unlockables based on what task you completed. Checker Knights is one of two or so orchestrated themes in Kirby Air Ride. It is particularly peppy and lovely.

v68. The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (GBA) - Minish Village

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap was Capcom's final brush up with the fabled Zelda franchise. Capcom's Flagship studio would later be dissolved much like Clover Studios. Who needs quality studios when you could hand your properties off to Ninja Theory and Slant Six? I'm sure they'll do a great job with Devil May Cry and Resident Evil (this is sarcasm). The Minish Cap is a charming adventure featuring one of my favorite of Link's traveling companions, a Minish sorcerer turned talking hat, Ezlo.

v69. Star Ocean: The Second Story (PS1) - Theme of RENA

A hauntingly beautiful, sad theme for Rena, one of the two selectable main characters for Star Ocean: The Second Story (PS1) or Star Ocean: Second Evolution (PSP), Theme of RENA chimes in eerie female vocalizations. Star Ocean 2 remains one of my favorite RPGs to this day. Its combination of memorable characters, sci-fi/medieval setting, and marvelous music all add up to make one sensational game. If you have a PlayStation Portable, pick up a copy of Second Evolution, an enhanced version of The Second Story.

v70. MadWorld (Wii) - Come With It

Warning: This song contains explicit lyrics. As for everyone else, Come With It is a song by Doujah Raze who feels that they have to say their name at the beginning of every song that they contributed to the MadWorld soundtrack. I am not generally a fan of rap, but MadWorld's music gelled with me regardless. The catchy beats and the infectious rhythms add up to one unforgettable soundtrack. Add together some visceral action with it, and you have an interesting albeit violent game.


This week's quota of quality VGMs has been filled. Next week we will have five more themes from video games to listen to. Until then, two new reviews will be posted this week, and we might even see another installment of the SPC Mailbag. Stay tuned, SPC faithful, stay tuned!


Chalgyr said...

I've only ever attained one Start Ocean title - I have it for my 360. I had a friend who loved this particular game though and always tried to get me to play it, but a lack of time just sort of thwarted me (hence I said above I have a Star Ocean title, not that I've played it.) Still, the theme of RENA was very nice, in my opinion. Thanks for the share!

Parko said...

That is my all time favourite Minish Cap song, but Minish Woods is easily up there as well. Man, that is such an underrated game.

I have Killer 7, but I find it extremely hard to get into. I've tried twice, but I'm not going to give up yet!