Thursday, April 19, 2012

God of War: Ascension (PS3) First Trailer

Another day, another sequel in gaming. This time around we have God of War: Ascension, a game that hopefully has some changes to the tried and true formula of the God of War franchise. For now, all we have is this teaser trailer with more information being revealed in the near future.


Chalgyr said...

Are you a fan of the god of War series? I certainly am, even if I find their replay value limited, I've gotten to play all but 1 of the psp titles so far (I need to get the origins collection).

Unknown said...

I only post about games that interest me on the blog, so yep, I like the series. Though I do hate Kratos as a protagonist.

Chalgyr said...

Yeah, Kratos leaves a bit to be desired. Sure, he fits what they're doing, but at times he is little more than a loudmouth who's dumb as a box of rocks - but I'll still wind up playing this, I'm sure. :)