Saturday, June 2, 2012

Join SuperPhillip Central's E3 2012 Coverage!

E3 is coming once again. All three big press conferences, all the surprise announcements, all the teasing, and all the booth babes (for those who can't get within a mile of a woman in real life-- I kid) will all be at the show in Los Angeles, California. While I will remain in Central City, I will be making entries of exciting announcements and trailers that personally appeal to me. Unlike previous years, however, I will also be posting regular updates as well such as a brand-new top five, Part Three of Classics I Can Return To, and a new retro review. This week (the 5th to be exact) will also mark the four year anniversary of SuperPhillip Central. It is sure going to be an exciting week for both gamers and SuperPhillip Central!

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