Monday, December 2, 2013

Central City Census - December 2013

It's the start of December, so we need to quickly go over the Central City Census from November. Last month we asked you guys all about whether you're going retail, digital, or a combination of the two this generation. Here were your responses.

An overwhelming majority of you voted that you would be sticking with retail for the most part. Only ten of you suggested that you'd be taking the digital route. Meanwhile, nearly 20% of the vote is going half and half for this generation. Now that the results of November's CCC have been shown, let's find out what December has in store.

We were going to do a holiday-related census once again, but we've done that every year essentially. This year we want to improve SuperPhillip Central by getting your feedback on our scoring system for games. Do you like the current setup? Would you like to see it changed? Let us know by the end of the year, and we'll seriously consider something new or to stay where we are now.

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