Monday, March 14, 2016

SuperPhillip Central's Favorite VGMs - Pi Day 2016 Edition

Welcome to a new week of posts at SuperPhillip Central. I caught a massive head cold midweek last week, but I'm feeling well enough to resume posts once again. At least during this period of my sickness my hands aren't constantly touching snot-stained tissues.

...With that lovely picture in your head, let's focus on SuperPhillip Central's Favorite VGMs! Here, I try to bring to my readers five great video game songs a week. This week, we start off by partying like it's 1999 with Mario Party 2. We then go serious for a moment with a boss battle theme from Tales of Symphonia. Following that is a return to something sillier with Super Monkey Ball 2. Bringing us back home on this edition of SuperPhillip Central's Favorite VGMs is a duo of Hitoshi Sakimoto composed themes, one from Valkyria Chronicles II and one from Final Fantasy Tactics, taking us to our 1,100 VGM volume.

If you're yearning for even more VGM goodness, check out the VGM Database!

v1096. Mario Party 2 (N64) - Pirate Land

Mario Party 2 took on an amusement park/costume party theme with each of the game's six boards taking place in a different themed area with the party participants wearing different themed costumes. Pirate Land is the first board of Mario Party 2, set across three main isles separated by bridges.

v1097. Tales of Symphonia (GCN) - Fatalize

Fatalize is the type of theme that gets you pumped and primed for battle. When you hear this boss theme for Tales of Symphonia, you know it's time to get serious-- that is, if you weren't already. Whether it's against big beasts or ancient evil, draw your weapons and get ready for a fight!

v1098. Super Monkey Ball 2 (GCN) - Amusement Park (World 5)

Super Monkey Ball 2 introduced plenty of new things to the familiarity of rolling a monkey ball through obstacle-laden courses. The biggest addition was a story mode that might not have been needed, but it wasn't anywhere near as egregious as making a whole game with a story like we later saw with Super Monkey Ball Adventure. Super Monkey Ball 2's music kept an uptempo feel, perfect for carefully tilting each course to guide Aiai and friends (hopefully) safely to the goal.

v1099. Valkyria Chronicles II (PSP) - Exciting Battle

Valkyria Chronicles as a series had an interesting release pattern to it. While the first Valkyria Chronicles released on the PlayStation 3, its sequels would release on the PlayStation Portable. The third game wouldn't even get localized. Now, the original game is seeing a remastered version on the PS4. Regardless, though the graphics took a hit on the PSP, Valkyria Chronicles' arrival on the system didn't allow its soundtrack to be held back. No, Hitoshi Sakimoto's wonderfully composed tunes shined brightly with this portable sequel.

v1100. Final Fantasy Tactics (PS1) - Antidote

Another song by the fantastic Hitoshi Sakimoto, this time from what I consider my favorite video game soundtrack ever composed, Final Fantasy Tactics. I continue to replay this game when I get the chance with any excuse. Of course, new games always take priority, as I have to keep up to date on what's out on the market. Still, it doesn't mean I can't listen to the great music from FFT while writing reviews for said new games!

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