Sunday, May 1, 2016

Review Round-Up - April 2016

Star Fox Zero, reporting in as SuperPhillip Central's featured game of the month.
It's the beginning of a new month, so why not take a look back at the past month's list of reviews? That's exactly what the Review Round-Up does, a longtime recurring monthly segment here at SuperPhillip Central.

There were a tremendous amount of reviews for the month of April on the site, all starting off with one of my favorite mobile games I've played so far, Adventures of Mana. It scored an A-, one of the best grades ever given to a mobile game thus far. Then, I tried out Lovely Planet on the Wii U eShop, but its cuteness couldn't save me from hours of frustration. Hence the D+ score. Then, another fantastic mobile game was enjoyed by yours truly, the iOS exclusive Goblin Sword, slashing its way to an A-. I then picked up some Pug's Quest, but its randomized level order soured me on absolutely loving the game, giving it an average C.

Apparently April was a month of PlayStation Portable goodness, with me checking out four PSP games: Bomberman (B-), Twisted Metal: Head-On (B-), Secret Agent Clank (B-), and Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron (C+). Aw, I couldn't keep up that B- trend!

Aside from my deluge of PSP release reviews, I checked out Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, as a Better Late Than Never review, speeding its way to a C+. Next up, Disney Crossy Road delighted, getting a superb B+. Finally, the featured game of the month here at SuperPhillip Central, Star Fox Zero, barrel rolled its way to a B+ score.

May is shaping up to have quite a few interesting games reviewed, including looks at Fire Emblem Fates, Hyrule Warriors Legends, and Star Fox Guard. There will be plenty of surprises as well, so please look forward to the goodness I have to deliver here at SuperPhillip Central!

Adventures of Mana (iOS, Android) - A-
Lovely Planet (Wii U eShop) - D+
Goblin Sword (iOS) - A-
Pug's Quest (iOS) - C
Bomberman (PSP) - B-
Twisted Metal: Head-On (PSP) - B-
Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing (iOS, Android) - C+
Secret Agent Clank (PS2, PSP) - B-
Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron (PSP) - C+
Disney Crossy Road (iOS, Android) - B+
Star Fox Zero (Wii U) - B+

Run, don't walk, to check out SPC's in-depth Star Fox Zero review!

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